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Guinea flag information

Description flag of Guinea

three equal vertical bands of red (hoist side), yellow and green; uses the popular pan-African colors of Ethiopia

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Official country name

Republic of Guinea

Short name


Local names

Republique de Guinee (long)
Guinee (short)

Former name

French Guinea


Guinean(s) (noun) Guinee (adjective)

Languages spoken

French (official)


each ethnic group has its own language



Government type



9,806,509 ranked 85, (data 2008)


the Niger and its important tributary the Milo have their sources in the Guinean highlands. The lowest point is Atlantic Ocean 0 m.


Coastline 320 km.

Land borders

3,399km, Cote d'Ivoire 610 km, Guinea-Bissau 386 km, Liberia 563 km, Mali 858 km, Senegal 330 km, Sierra Leone 652 km.

Administrative divisions

33 prefectures and 1 special zone (zone special)*; Beyla, Boffa, Boke, Conakry*, Coyah, Dabola, Dalaba, Dinguiraye, Dubreka, Faranah, Forecariah, Fria, Gaoual, Gueckedou, Kankan, Kerouane, Kindia, Kissidougou, Koubia, Koundara, Kouroussa, Labe, Lelouma, Lola, Macenta, Mali, Mamou, Mandiana, Nzerekore, Pita, Siguiri, Telimele, Tougue, Yomou


2 October 1958 (from France)