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Eritrea flag information

Description flag of Eritrea

red isosceles triangle (based on the hoist side) dividing the flag into two right triangles; the upper triangle is green the lower one is blue; a gold wreath encircling a gold olive branch is centered on the hoist side of the red triangle

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Official country name

State of Eritrea

Short name


Local names

Hagere Ertra (long)
Ertra (short)

Former name

Eritrea Autonomous Region in Ethiopia


Eritrean(s) (noun) Ertra (adjective)

Languages spoken

Afar, Arabic, Tigre and Kunama, Tigrinya, other Cushitic languages


Asmara (Asmera)

Government type

transitional government


5,502,026 ranked 111, (data 2008)


strategic geopolitical position along world's busiest shipping lanes; Eritrea retained the entire coastline of Ethiopia along the Red Sea upon de jure independence from Ethiopia on 24 May 1993. The lowest point is near Kulul within the Danakil depression -75 m.


Coastline 2,234 km. mainland on Red Sea 1,151 km, islands in Red Sea 1,083 km

Land borders

1,626km, Djibouti 109 km, Ethiopia 912 km, Sudan 605 km.

Administrative divisions

6 regions (zobatat, singular - zoba); Anseba, Debub (Southern), Debubawi K'eyih Bahri (Southern Red Sea), Gash Barka, Ma'akel (Central), Semenawi Keyih Bahri (Northern Red Sea)


24 May 1993 (from Ethiopia)