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Argentina flag information

Description flag of Argentina

three equal horizontal bands of light blue (top), white and light blue; centered in the white band is a radiant yellow sun with a human face known as the Sun of May

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Official country name

Argentine Republic

Short name


Local names

Republica Argentina (long)
Argentina (short)


Argentine(s) (noun) Argentina (adjective)

Languages spoken

Spanish (official), Italian, English, German, French


Buenos Aires

Government type



40,482,000 ranked 32, (data 2008)


second-largest country in South America (after Brazil); strategic location relative to sea lanes between the South Atlantic and the South Pacific Oceans (Strait of Magellan, Beagle Channel, Drake Passage); diverse geophysical landscapes range from tropical climates in the north to tundra in the far south; Cerro Aconcagua is the Western Hemisphere's tallest mountain, while Laguna del Carbon is the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere. The lowest point is Laguna del Carbon -105 m (located between Puerto San Julian and Comandante Luis Piedra Buena in the province of Santa Cruz).


Coastline 4,989 km.

Land borders

9,861km, Bolivia 832 km, Brazil 1,261 km, Chile 5,308 km, Paraguay 1,880 km, Uruguay 580 km.

Administrative divisions

23 provinces (provincias, singular - provincia) and 1 autonomous city* (distrito federal); Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Capital Federal*, Catamarca, Chaco, Chubut, Cordoba, Corrientes, Entre Rios, Formosa, Jujuy, La Pampa, La Rioja, Mendoza, Misiones, Neuquen, Rio Negro, Salta, San Juan, San Luis, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, Santiago del Estero, Tierra del Fuego - Antartida e Islas del Atlantico Sur, Tucuman
the US does not recognize any claims to Antarctica


9 July 1816 (from Spain)