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Chile flag information

Description flag of Chile

two equal horizontal bands of white (top) and red; a blue square the same height as the white band at the hoist-side end of the white band; the square bears a white five-pointed star in the center representing a guide to progress and honor; blue symbolizes the sky, white is for the snow-covered Andes, and red represents the blood spilled to achieve independence

Flag notes

design was influenced by the US flag

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Official country name

Republic of Chile

Short name


Local names

Republica de Chile (long)
Chile (short)


Chilean(s) (noun) Chile (adjective)

Languages spoken

Spanish (official), Mapudungun, German, English



Government type



16,454,143 ranked 62, (data 2008)


strategic location relative to sea lanes between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (Strait of Magellan, Beagle Channel, Drake Passage); Atacama Desert is one of world's driest regions. The lowest point is Pacific Ocean 0 m.


Coastline 6,435 km.

Land borders

6,339km, Argentina 5,308 km, Bolivia 860 km, Peru 171 km.

Administrative divisions

15 regions (regiones, singular - region); Aisen del General Carlos Ibanez del Campo, Antofagasta, Araucania, Arica y Parinacota, Atacama, Biobio, Coquimbo, Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins, Los Lagos, Los Rios, Magallanes y de la Antartica Chilena, Maule, Region Metropolitana (Santiago), Tarapaca, Valparaiso
the US does not recognize claims to Antarctica


18 September 1810 (from Spain)