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Syria flag information

Description flag of Syria

three equal horizontal bands of red (top), white and black, colors associated with the Arab Liberation flag; two small, green five-pointed stars in a horizontal line centered in the white band; former flag of the United Arab Republic where the two stars represented the constituent states of Syria and Egypt; similar to the flag of Yemen, which has a plain white band, Iraq, which has an Arabic inscription centered in the white band, and that of Egypt, which has a gold Eagle of Saladin centered in the white band; the current design dates to 1980

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Official country name

Syrian Arab Republic

Short name


Local names

Al Jumhuriyah al Arabiyah as Suriyah (long)
Suriyah (short)

Former name

United Arab Republic (with Egypt)


Syrian(s) (noun) Suriyah (adjective)

Languages spoken

Arabic (official); Kurdish, Armenian, Aramaic, Circassian widely understood; French, English somewhat understood



Government type

republic under an authoritarian military-dominated regime


19,747,586 ranked 59, (data 2008)


there are 42 Israeli settlements and civilian land use sites in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights (August 2005 est.). The lowest point is unnamed location near Lake Tiberias -200 m.


Coastline 193 km.

Land borders

2,253km, Iraq 605 km, Israel 76 km, Jordan 375 km, Lebanon 375 km, Turkey 822 km.

Administrative divisions

14 provinces (muhafazat, singular - muhafazah); Al Hasakah, Al Ladhiqiyah, Al Qunaytirah, Ar Raqqah, As Suwayda', Dar'a, Dayr az Zawr, Dimashq, Halab, Hamah, Hims, Idlib, Rif Dimashq, Tartus


17 April 1946 (from League of Nations mandate under French administration)