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Serbia flag information

Description flag of Serbia

three equal horizontal stripes of red (top), blue and white; charged with the coat of arms of Serbia shifted slightly to the hoist side

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Official country name

Republic of Serbia

Short name


Local names

Republika Srbija (long)
Srbija (short)

Former name

People's Republic of Serbia, Socialist Republic of Serbia


Serb(s) (noun) Srbija (adjective)

Languages spoken

Serbian 88.3% (official), Hungarian 3.8%, Bosniak 1.8%, Romany (Gypsy) 1.1%, other 4.1%, unknown 0.9% (2002 census)


Romanian, Hungarian, Slovak, Ukrainian, and Croatian all official in Vojvodina


Belgrade (Beograd)

Government type



10,159,046 ranked 82, (data 2008)


controls one of the major land routes from Western Europe to Turkey and the Near East. The lowest point is NA.


Coastline 0 km.

Land borders

2,026km, Bosnia and Herzegovina 302 km, Bulgaria 318 km, Croatia 241 km, Hungary 151 km, Kosovo 352 km, Macedonia 62 km, Montenegro 124 km, Romania 476 km.

Administrative divisions

161 municipalities (opcstine, singular - opcstina)


5 June 2006 (from Serbia and Montenegro)